5 Dubai Properties That Cost Under A Million Dirhams

When it comes to investing in Dubai properties or anywhere else in the world for that matter, there is one major misconception. Only millionaires can afford to invest in property. Some of us hesitate to invest because we believe only those with a 7 figure salary can invest in property. Fortunately, thanks to developers of Dubai properties tapping into the market of affordable housing, this isn’t the case anymore.

Below are five popular areas that feature Dubai properties that cost less than 1 million dirhams



Situated within Dubailand, this emerging district features incredible villa and townhouse developments. Arjan has accessible routes due to its location between Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Al Khali Road. Arjan features many notable projects such as Resortz by Danube that features 444 luxury studio, one and two bedroom apartments. Units in Resortz start as low as AED 465, 000. Other than Resortz, Arjan features several other projects such as the Vincitore Boulevard, and Vincitore Palacia.



Dubailand is an upcoming area in the outskirts of Dubai and features several ambitious projects and developments. This area focuses on quality and peaceful living for families and communities. Properties in Dubailand have a range in prices, where some projects can be upscale while others are feasible, especially for first-time buyers and investors. An investor can easily buy a unit that can range from a 350 sq. ft. to a 1,050 sq. ft. for under a million dirhams

Dubai Sports City


Just like its name implies, Dubai Sports City is a district that is perfect for the sports lovers, the trainers, and the fitness enthusiasts. Located near Dubai Motor City, Dubai Sports City features several sports courts, stadiums, fitness centers, and facilities that offer exercise and training in every type of sports. Other than being surrounded by such incredible amenities, Dubai properties investors and buyers will have the opportunity to invest in affordable yet stylish homes, such as Hera Tower. Units start as low as AED 400,000

Jumeirah Village Circle


Jumeirah Village Circle is another one of Dubai's outskirt areas that is steadily gaining popularity like Silicon Oasis, International City, and Motor City. Jumeirah Village Circle is a serene community that features family sized villas and townhouses that are affordable for those new to Dubai. Since JVC is still in development, there are still sections that are in construction, which means this district features a low flow of traffic and a smaller cost for its units.

Dubai South


This ambitious project is the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Dubai South concept is to focus on the level of happiness of a resident, which makes it unique to the rest of Dubai. This development is one of the most anticipated projects in the city with its completion scheduled around Expo 2020. It will feature some of the most affordable properties available like ‘The Pulse’ that features units that start as low as AED 280,000. Dubai South will also have MAG 5 Boulevard that starts from AED 350,000.

With the influx of first-time visitors and new residents, the rise of competing real estate agencies, and the upcoming date of the Dubai Expo 2020, Dubai developers are making efforts of creating projects and developments that will be inclusive to all kinds of individuals. The days where only millionaires had the opportunity to invest in real estate is long gone. Now with such a flexible market, even the most hesitant buyer is encouraged to take the big leap of investing in Dubai properties.


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