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Tips for Landlords: How to Rent Their Property Quicker

In Dubai’s competitive rental market, similar properties are often being advertised for rent and new developments are rolling onto the market regularly. Driven Properties’ Ellen Sleutjes has...

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Driven Properties' Abdullah Alajaji in Prestige Magazine

Driven Properties' Founder and Managing Director Abdullah Alajaji was featured in an issue of Prestige, a high end lifestyle and real estate magazine launched by Property Finder.

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The Significance of Eid

As the Holy Month of Ramadan was coming to an end, the city began to buzz with anticipation for the Eid celebration. Eid Al-Fitr, meaning the “Festival of Breaking Fast”, is a three day...

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What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is a month in which followers of the Islamic faith (Muslims) refrain from eating and drinking in order to achieve the great blessings that come with the month whilst seeking forgiveness...

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State of the Market

The market has entered into a new dynamic, where supply is now met by strong demand. Unlike all our expectations, price/equilibrium discovery is nearing an end and we are likely to see recovery in...

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